Dr. Gallatin on Broadway Presents…

AlwaysWin®: Walk Away a Winner® From Any Situation or Circumstance

By Martin V. Gallatin, Ph.D.

ISBN: 0-9767532-0-0, 5½ x 8½, 288 pages, hardcover, twenty cartoons, index, 2005, $26

As AlwaysWin® declares: “You live in a world where you either hit or miss—and you can’t afford to miss. Losers quickly fall off the radar screen, but no search party is organized to find them.…Until one is free of the fear of being rejected he is a prisoner of other people’s opinions and under house arrest, living in fear of being publicly humiliated, and not free to be himself. The fear may be conscious or unconscious.”

Chapter Titles

1. You Can AlwaysWin®
2. Why Me?: Not Taking Rejection Personally
3. Dr. Gallatin’s 1-2-3 Approach to Beating Everyday Rejection
4. Working without Rejection
5. No More Sales Rejection
6. Getting Away with “No”
7. Putting Social Rejection in Its Place
8. Nothing Is Impossible, Nothing
9. You Win!



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